Our Products and the HCG Diet

7-Piece-Sampler-11-19-14We know that finding the right OIL FREE skincare product has been impossible while on the HCG Diet. For many, this has been a daunting task, especially for those also looking for an effective, more natural skincare line, without a lot of toxic preservatives. Even when reading product labels in search of oils, toxins and the product’s therapeutic value, one is usually faced with a complicated list of ingredients. If you are doing the HCG Diet, or just investigating it, you know that while on the diet, your skincare must be OIL FREE, just like your foods. Eating OR applying absorbable oils and a lot of toxins can adversely affect the success of your diet results.

The HCG Diet is so sensitive that skincare and body products cannot contain ANY absorbable oils, such as coconut, sesame, jojoba, almond, avocado, Castor oil, calendula oil, vitamin E and/or Shea butter, just to name a few.

The exciting news is that the HCG Diet Skincare product, GOLDEN ESSENCE® brand, is the first and only line of natural, OIL FREE skin products specifically developed for the HCG Diet. Not only are the products OIL FREE, but they also have anti-aging and anti-oxidant benefits and are more than just lotions and washes. Before being released to the public, the entire GOLDEN ESSENCE® line was clinically tested and approved by the HCG Diet Council for the validity, quality and effectiveness of the products while on the HCG Diet.  GOLDEN ESSENCE® HGG Diet Skincare products is your assurance that nothing you put on your skin has the potential to interfere with your HCG Diet and weight loss results. Our products are a more natural choice and designed to be used by both men and women.

To learn more or purchase the oil free HCG Diet Skincare and Homeopathic HCG Diet products, visit our main website: HCG Diet Plan.com