HCG Diet Oil Free Skin Care Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are the GOLDEN ESSENCE® products compatible with the HCG Diet?  GOLDEN ESSENCE® skincare products were specifically formulated for use with the HCG Diet and have been clinically tested on HCG Dieters. Knowing that many personal body care and makeup products can adversely affect weight loss while on the HCG Diet, our products have been specially formulated to be oil-free, paraben-free and comply with the skincare requirements of the HCG Diet.

Q: Can I use these oil free HCG Diet products with all forms of hCG? Absolutely! Our HCG Diet skincare products were created for use with the Dr. Simeons’ oil free HCG Diet protocol and are compatible to use along with all forms of hCG such injections, oral, sub-lingual, nasal spray, drops and sprays.

Q: Can I keep using the oil free HCG Diet Skincare products after I finish the HCG Diet? Absolutely! Although our oil free skincare products were originally formulated specifically for use with the HCG Diet, they are very beneficial for continued use after the diet!