About Us – HCG Diet Skincare by Golden Essence®

Woman applying moisturizer cream on face. Close-up fresh woman face.GOLDEN ESSENCE® oil free skincare products are custom formulated and a quality line of skincare. Developed in 2009, they are the only clinically tested and clinically formulated HCG diet approved oil-free skin care products developed specifically for use with the HCG Diet!  Every product is a custom formulation (not a private label) and has been clinically tested to assure they do not interfere with HCG Dieters’ results.  Golden Essence skincare products are also good for the skin and void of synthetic fragrances and toxic preservatives.  

Don’t be fooled by ‘dirty’ products that may be advertised as ‘HCG Diet safe’ but contain toxic paraben preservatives. Dieters work hard to achieve better health inside their body while on the HCG Diet and Golden Essence skincare offers a healthy alternative for the outside too.

The oil free skincare restriction while on the HCG Diet should not be taken lightly for optimum weight loss results! This restriction applies to all body products used during the HCG Diet such as face and body lotions, cleansers, soaps, body washes, make-up and men’s shaving products. 

To learn more or purchase the oil free HCG Diet skincare and/or HCG Diet products, visit our main website: HCG Diet Plan.com