About The Formulator, Beth Golden

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Beth Golden, PhD, Naturopath, nutritionist and licensed skincare specialist, is a nationally recognized formulator, trainer, and public speaker specializing in the areas of weight loss, natural health and total-body wellness. As the founder of Therapeutic Body Center in 1999, her passion to develop innovative, highly effective, safe and natural products and systems to successfully address the physical and emotional challenges of toxicity and weight problems, led to her development of the Intra-Cellulite® System; the HCG Weightloss System; HCG Diet and detox remedies; and weight management products.  Because HCG Dieters needed oil free, natural, non-toxic body products, she also is credited in 2009 for formulating and developing the first HCG Diet Safe skincare line:  Golden Essence® Oil free Skincare.

Beth has contributed to numerous printed and online publications across the United States and has been featured on Chiropractic Economics’ website; in their magazine and at their FCA convention participation; and has frequently spoken at professional meetings and educational seminars. She spent a number of years conducting business and product training webinars. and her presentations and trainings have been described as straight forward, practical, honest, enlightening and well thought-out.

Beth is also the Founder of The HCG Diet Council and the educator of their HCG Diet training and certification program for Healthcare Professionals throughout the World.  CLICK HERE to visit the HCG Diet Council website and learn more about The Council and the training and certification program.